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300 credits
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(to send up to 30 SMS worldwide, depending on the country)
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2-way SMS Service
We are able to set-up 2way SMS service by granting you a GSM number to RECEIVE SMS messages (UK or Belgian). This way, you receive every message through HTTP and you can also check them through our web site.
Keywords for received SMS
Our system allows you to implement keywords on received messages. This allows for automatic actions related to receive messages. Among the possible actions you have :
  • Add or delete the SMS sender to your directory.
  • Add or delete the sender from one or several groups.
  • Send one or more SMS either in response or to fixed numbers.
  • Send one or more emails related to the received message.
  • Execute one or more scripts through HTTP request.
Use the SMS to complete tasks automatically
Thanks to our keywords system, you are now able to manage lists of people through SMS, accepting or deleting them without any manual work.
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