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300 credits
only 5 EUR
(to send up to 30 SMS worldwide, depending on the country)
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Send SMS Mailings
Create recipients and groups to easily send mass mailings. Use templates and database fields to personalize them. And do not forget the delivery receipts !
SMS API for your applications
Easily send SMS from applications and servers. Our service is accessible through an HTTP request, and through email-to-SMS gateway. Look at the download section.
Receive SMS and enable 2-way communication
Klugher is able to offer you SMS reception either on normal SMS number (Belgium and UK). This allows to set-up 2-way communication services.
Some examples of previous works
Klugher is connected through direct connections to more than 300 networks worldwide. And our service is very reliable and affordable. We are your easy one-stop shopping supplier for any GSM-related application.
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